About The Gadget Gent

Who are we?

The Gadget Gent was born from a conversation about finding an easier way to shop technology on a site that wasn’t crammed full of stuff and wasn’t seriously techie. We hope The Gadget Gent website is easy to use, easy on the eye and has a great selection of products across some of the key technology areas. But, we’re always open to suggestions so please feel free to get in touch and make additional suggestions.

And, to give the the best experience possible, all our products live on Amazon. We’ve essentially tried to find the best gadgets and tech we could find with awesome star ratings, meaning you get a pleasurable shopping experience and then all the assurances, delivery service and security that comes with ordering through Amazon. We don’t capture any of your payment details, that’s all done on Amazon!

How does it work?

Well, it’s no different to shopping normally. You browse the site, add the products that you want to your basket and checkout. Sounds simple right? Here’s the difference, when you checkout you don’t enter your details or pay on The Gadget Gent’s website. Oh no. We whisk you off to Amazon with your selected products and you finish your journey there. We don’t collect any of your details or take any payment information and you get all the speed and trust that comes with checking out with Amazon. Beautiful!

Remind me what the benefit is?

We love the variety that you can find online. It’s incredible how many variations of a product you can dig up. But sometimes this can make shopping harder and can take more time than we’d like. The Gadget Gent cuts through the noise to show you fewer more selective products to help you finish your shop faster, meaning you can spend more time flying your drone, gaming, discovering science with your children and many more exciting activities! Wow, awesome.

What next?

Checkout our stuff, select what you want and then click on the checkout to take your shopping bag over to Amazon to finish your order. And you can add more products to your order when you get to Amazon if you haven’t been able to find exactly what you want or if you want to add non related products, like books. So checkout what’s in the shop now!